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Please note: This game is for Android devices only - sorry if you can't play.

Banano Swiper is a small side-project that I've spent a few days working on (while also learning more about Unity at the same time). It follows the main premise of most infinite runners, however the coins you collect are converted into Banano (a cryptocurrency which you can read more about at banano.cc). It's instant and feeless, and at the end of the game, an ad shows and then the BAN is sent straight to your wallet.

For every coin collected, the game speeds up a little bit to make it more difficult.

All background music was made by me with the help of https://www.beepbox.co/

If you have any suggestions or encounter any bugs, please drop them below, or get in touch with me on Discord @ Shay#5787.


Banano Swiper v1.0.3.4 34 MB

Install instructions

Please note: This game is for Android devices only.

  1. To install the game on your Android device, you need to first install the APK to your file system. There should be a download button somewhere on this page. Click it to start downloading.
  2. You should see a notification of a successful file download - if not, try and locate your device's file manager. Once there, run the .apk that you just downloaded.
  3. There may be a pop-up warning you to scan the APK, you can scan it if you want, and then open it. You should be in the menu of the game.
  4. If you want to receive Banano payouts, before starting a game, you must go into settings and paste your BAN address in the text box. This will save when you restart the app.
  5. Enjoy! Payments will be sent from ban_3swiperfi43zpunak44hw6rfbrruwfj1aobm6gwjcbd65sy6b3kjfeunkjxc- if you run into any difficulties you can find me (Shay#5787) in the Banano Discord server!

If you find payments drastically decrease, you probably need to update. Save this page URL somewhere and when a new version is out I'd strongly recommend that you download it.


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Very good project!